Valeria Taikalo

My name is Valeria, I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine, and my life is divided into two parts – before and after Yoga came into my life. My regular practice began six years ago with Hatha yoga, that triggered something in my mind and started the changes in me. When I moved to Netherlands, which happened in November 2015, I get acquitted with Ashtanga yoga, that captured my heart from the very first class, and Aerial yoga, that turned my world upside down in all the meanings!

Yoga for me is a lifestyle: not only what I do on the mat or with the hammock, but it is about to find the balance in everyday hectic routine, to discover the new horizons within myself and outer world, to connect with people, to love, to communicate and share the joy of practice. I see Yoga as Unlimited – there are always ways, variations, possibilities of practice – from calming Yin poses, balancing Hatha postures, through energizing Vinyasa flows, in a deep connection with the breath – to find and maintain the inner peace.

As a yoga teacher I pay attention to details, I like to modify and adjust the postures to help people to get maximum benefits from the asanas. I love to encourage others to dare, to develop the self-trust. There are no Have-tos in my classes, but Feel-your-body, Listen-to-your-sensations and Try-to-do.

I get my inspiration from people: from those, who are coming to my classes, and from those, who guide me – my teachers. I’m extremely grateful to both for so many!

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